Never sort

We sort your multiple medicines and package it in personalised easy to use packets. You dont require to understand complex prescriptions and sort your medicines for a specific dose.

Never Track

We package your medications for a period e.g. Month, so during the period you would not require to track the medicines availability. Our service ensures you have enough medicines available as per your prescriptions.

Never miss

Taking medicines were never been so easy, our mobile application, bots, easyDose will remind you about your next medication dose. We also keep track whether you have pulled your personalised medication dose. It will help you not missing a single dose.

Our study

While we started to study the problem in details, we come to know multiple common problems across many patients.

Patients having multiple aliments, patients suffering from chronic problems, while their medication suffesrs following common problems


Sort the multiple medicines every time when patient wants to take the medication.

Hand-written prescriptions

Patients find it difficult to read, understand the hand-written prescriptions.

Incorrect medicines

Due to multiple medicines, complex dose, and difficult to read prescriptions patient tend to take wrong medicine or incorrect dose.


Due to patient conditions, and busy life style patient tend to forget to take the medicines on time.


Due to patient conditions, some time patient take over dose of the medicines, since patient forgets when they took last medication.


Some Patient depends upon other to make 1/2 of the prescribed tablets.

Medicines unavailable

Since patients find it extremely difficult to track of medicines, some time medicines are not available at the time of dose. And we have last minute situation to visit pharmacy, medical shop.


Non prescribed harmful medicines are accessible to all family members (e.g. sleeping pills).


Patient becomes habitual for specific medications and tend to consume in excess quantity.