We are not pharmacy, but more than pharmacy


Interaction checks

Each time, before we start our packaging, our expert checks for interactions between Drug – Drug, and Drug – Allergies and if required consults with you or your doctor and adjust the medications.

Collect medicines

Since we are not pharmacy, our delivery process starts with collecting your medicines. We are very flexible, we collect the medicines either from you, or your preferred pharmacies or from our partner pharmacies.

Sorting and packaging

Our robotic process sorts your medications and packages it into personalized dose packets by date, time of day and event.

Quality Control

Our audit processes verifies the each dose packets against your current prescriptions.


We then deliver and install your periodic easy dose refill into easy dose dispenser.


At on site our expert checks the installation.

We ensure that you never miss dose



You will get a visual, audio reminder on easy dose dispenser and your smartphones.

Pull the packet

All you need to do is pull the dose packet from the dispenser

Tear the packet

Tear the easy to tear the packet

Take your dose

Take your easy dose. No need to sort, track, and No more medication errors.

Non-adherence alert

Easy Dose dispenser alerts Care giver to remind patient to take the medication dose, so you will not miss a single medication dose.

Get the right trends and behavioral insights about medication adherence that were previously impossible to access



At every dose, easy dose dispenser collects the adherence data


Share it with our secured server


Our HIPAA compliant software platform analyzes real-time adherence information.


For patients, their caregivers and other healthcare stakeholders, platform uses this analysis to intelligently provide the right trends and behavioral insights that were previously impossible to access.

Better Insights. Better Treatment. Better care



With easy dose, patients can easily monitor their medication-taking patterns.


Doctors have access to objective data that enables them to initiate, adjust, and remove medication.


Healthcare Stakeholders are able to measure treatment effectiveness and optimize treatment.

Safety – Safety is our priority

For accuracy, a pharmacist checks every packet at multiple points in the process. We also review your full med list for any interaction issues.

Medicines are kept safely, Food-safe and Waterproof personalized dose packets to protect your medication against spills or humidity.

No electronic interference, dispenser is designed in a such way that there is no electronic interference with medication inside the dispenser.


Authenticity – Not expired. Genuine.

While sourcing your medicines, our pharmacist checks expiry and we only source medicines from reputed pharmacies. Also, we take images of sourced medicines for your reference. We also ship the foils of opened medicines, if requested.

Availability – Always available.

Our process make sure that you never run off of your prescribed medications. For each refill, 2 weeks process of confirmation, sourcing, packaging, delivery, installation.


We understand cost of medicines and treatment, we have been relentlessly working to make it affordable. Transparent Billing.

Privacy – Data is deidentified.

Regulatory compliance and patient privacy are our highest priorities.  All patient information is fully secured and protected in accordance with all applicable privacy rules, regulations, and laws. All data reports are deidentified, aggregated, and anonymized.

Security – Data is protected.

The data is accessed by only by authorized users.


Easy Dose (a new kind of care) is a Medication Management and Medication Adherence platform.  We ensure 100% that patient never miss the medication dose with our innovative Easy Dose Dispenser and Easy Dose Medication Reminders*1.  Easy Dose Insights provides precise patient medication adherence information to Easy Dose Medication Adherence Subscribers i.e. Patients, Care Provider, Doctors, Health systems, Insurance companies, other relevant stake holders.

Please note:  We are not a pharmacy or online pharmacy or parallel pharmacy, we are technology platform and we do more for you than your pharmacy.

*1: Easy Dose Medication Reminders are provided through following multiple channels

  1. Easy Dose Dispenser – Visual / Configurable Personalized Audio Reminder
  2. iOS and Android Mobiles Easy Dose App
  3. Easy Dose Personal Reminder Service

At present, we are improving our platform. Having said that, for our subscribed patients

  1. Once we receive the prescriptions, our pharmacist studies them thoroughly and checks for Drug – Drug Interaction, Drug – Patient Allergies interaction
  2. on behalf of Patients, we collect the monthly medications from patient’s preferred pharmacies*2, we sort them into personalized medication dose packets as per prescriptions maintaining 100% accuracy.
  3. We deliver Easy Dose Pre-Sorted Personalized Dose Packets and medications in bottles, along with other pharmacy items like eye drops, creams, insulin, and inhalers.
  4. We then load the Easy Dose Pre-Sorted Personalized Dose Packets into Easy Dose Dispenser
  5. We simplify your medication with Easy Dose Dispenser
  6. We monitor medication adherence and in case of non-adherence we alert care Providers
  7. Periodically with our Easy Dose Insights we provide precise patient medication adherence information to Easy Dose Medication Adherence Subscribers i.e. Patients, Care Provider, Doctors, Health systems, Insurance companies, other relevant stake holders.

*2 – Patient has following Patient’s preferred pharmacy options

  1. Collect from Patient – We charge for it
  2. Patient Recommended Pharmacies (Patient may choose any 3 Pharmacies) – We charge for it
  3. Our Pharmacy Partners
Easy Dose - few points to keep in mind

Like talking to a pharmacist? You can call to speak to Easy Dose pharmacist 24/7 at +91 99232 00101.

Customer Support. Our friendly customer care team is also available 7 days a week via email, phone, or mobile chat.

Prefer your meds in wrappers? No problem. We’re happy to deliver your medications in traditional medicines wrappers or open.

To get started with Easy Dose, you sign up online or call us at +91 99232 00101 to speak with us.  We shall book your appointment with one of our Pharmacy Doctor. Pharmacy Doctors will help you understand importance of medication, how easy dose can be of your help.  If you have all your information on hand, signing up should only take about 20-30 minutes. Here’s some info you might want to gather before you get started:

Medication History

Current Prescription List

Treating doctors’ information

Caregiver Information

Payment Information

It takes maximum of 2 weeks to send and install your first Easy Dose Personalized Dose, but this can vary depending on your preferences of how you want us to collect your medicines and availability of medicines. We want to get your medications in Easy Dose Personalized dose to you as soon as possible.


If you need medication while we’re setting up your account, we’re happy to send an interim supply to last until your first order is filled. We’ll keep you up-to-date about your first order via email. If you have any questions while you’re getting started, you can always contact us. We’re happy to help.


Things you can do to help After you’ve signed up for Easy Dose, there are a few things you can do to ensure your transition is seamless.

If you’re low on any of your medication, please call us at +91 99232 00101. Our team will find the best solution to get you the medication you need.

We call your phone number to confirm you sign up —This will give you access to your account and allow us to send important medication updates to you via call / SMS / WhatsAPP.

We send you a confirmation email when you sign up — click the link to confirm your email address. This will give you access to your online account and allow us to send important medication updates to you via email.

Please add connect@easydose.in to your email address book so you never miss an update.

Medications we deliver

We can deliver medications, vitamins, and over-the-counter meds (OTCs) in various forms.

Bottled meds

We deliver as-needed prescriptions or anything you prefer in a bottle in case those are available in bottle from the manufacturer along with your Easy Dose Pre-sorted personalized dose packets.

Other prescription items

We can include items that come in other forms, like inhalers, eye drops, and creams. We can also deliver medications that need to be dispensed in their original packaging, like birth control.


Vitamins and over-the-counter meds (OTCs)

You can get vitamins and OTCs with or without a prescription. You can send us prescriptions for OTCs along with the rest of your medications.


Please note: We require a prescription to fill certain OTCs, like Sudafed, needles, and lancets.


Medications we dont't deliver

Refrigerated meds
Schedule II medications are highly regulated. They include narcotics like oxycodone and non-narcotic medications like Adderall. Due to regulations, we're unable to fill Schedule II prescriptions at this time.
Compounded medications combine or alter ingredients to create a personalized medication or dose.
Medical equipment like braces, insulin pumps, and CPAP supplies etc. You'll need to get them from a medical DME supply company.

We fill prescriptions on a 30-day and 15-day cycle. This is because we understand medications, strengths, and doses may change. Filling monthly or twice a month allows us to quickly accommodate any adjustments for your next re-fill.

If your doctor is used to writing prescriptions for a longer period than 30 days, they can continue to do so. We’ll deliver it on a 30-day schedule for you.

Automatic refills
As part of your service, we work with you to renew your prescriptions before you need them.
About two weeks before your medication runs out of refills, we reach out to you to get a new prescription. Once we get the prescription, we'll confirm with you and add it right into your next re-fill without any work from you.

Changing your dose

You can change the dose of a medication you’re currently taking by sending us an updated prescription. You can call, or share it through our secured app your prescriptions to us using the following info:

+91 99232 00101
Monday–Friday, 8am–8pm IST

If you have a paper prescription, you can mail it to us at the address listed below. Unfortunately, we can’t take prescriptions via email.

Easy Dose
A-102, Mitrangan, Baner - 411045, Pune, Maharashtra, India


We’ll put it in your next shipment

Once we receive the new prescriptions, we’ll check drug-drug interactions and if everything is ok then we shall change the dose for your next shipment.

Pausing your medication

Pausing a medication means you will no longer receive it in your shipments and we won’t fill the prescription again until you resume it. You can pause a medication anytime.


Resuming your medication

Just as you can pause a medication anytime, you can also resume a medication.


We’ll ship you a new Easy Dose Personalized Dose every month or twice a month depending upon number of dose and how frequently your medications are changing. If you have other medications or pharmacy items that are delivered on a monthly basis, they’ll be included in the box along with your daily packets.

Discreet packaging

We deliver your medications in a discreet box with no pharmacy markings. We also use tamper-proof seals for added security.


Where we ship

At present we have launched our public Beta.  We deliver medications to physical addresses in Pune. We are currently unable to ship to other parts of India.


Tracking your shipment

Once your order has shipped, we’ll email and text you the tracking link.


Emergency and interim shipments

We always want you to have the medication you need. If you need a new prescription right away, call us at +91 99232 00101 to let us know — and we’ll send you an expedited order. Otherwise, we’ll wait to include it in your next monthly order.

If you need a temporary medication, like an antibiotic, we recommend filling at a local retail pharmacy so you can start taking it immediately.

If you’re not sure about the urgency of starting a medication, give us a call at +91 99232 00101.

Updating your address

You can add a new shipping address or change your preferred address in your account

Planning for travel

In case you’re going out of town, we don’t ship and deliver your Pre-sorted Personalized Easy Dose in other town.

If you’ll be out of the country for more than a month, please let us know at least 2 weeks ahead. Often we can work with you to supply you with several months of medication as per your prescriptions.


Extreme weather

Because we always want you to have the medication you need, our team monitors extreme weather conditions throughout the country, such as floods, hurricanes and wildfires.

If you’re currently experiencing extreme weather conditions and a significant delay would result in missing medication, please reach to local pharmacy for your medication.

Still have questions?
Our support team is here to help.

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